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Project Description
this tool needs to save conversation history just on the local workstation (folder)
then application could redstore it and show in simple window (mode)
or user could open history storage folder and check it manually.


the history listener looks like that:

 Important:  History will appers only when conversation window was closed (you need to close conversation window, then you will see messaages in the history)


     - you don't need to setup MS Outlook to have history.

     - you don't  need to install MS Exchange server (works fastern without ex. server)

     - more quick way to find conversation history (standartly history just message in the folder to find it -you need to filter all messages -here it looks same as office communicator messages)



     - this program needs to be executed parallel with communicator (it is just listener)

     - access to the folder: %APPDATA%\CommunicatorHistory

      - current version just show hystory without possibility to erase it


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